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Thank you so much for translating this!!!

"Leader nor the other members did not say anything about it during the recent Music Lovers taping"

really? wow.....it seems like we're spreading the rumours ourselves....


the fan makes excellent points.......I hope Johnny will be successful in clearing Ohno's name in these lucid charges..
thank you for sharing!



- buy a Toyota
That would be extreme, but a good way of showing it.

I'll be in Japan next week, I'll make sure to eat nothing but Tongari Corn/Instant noodle soup thing and drink Shava Dava/Pepsi Nex. That'll show them! ;D


[this is good] Thank you, seriously needed to read an entry like this for a change instead.

The only thing I can buy where I am is Tongari corn and a Toyota but since the latter is quite impossible for now, Tongari corn it is!


All points of suggestions of appeasement agreed. Now, we just need the money. Save save save! XD

Now, from what my friend told me, I feel that as long as nothing is said on TV (wideshows and etc), things are peaceful offline. It's only online where conflicting reports lead to chaos. orz


[this is good] Thanks for the post, this made me feel better. :'D
And the ways to appease the sponsors made me smile. xD
If only I was in Japan, I'd buy crates of them(except the Toyota @_@)! 


i want to buy a toyota!
Thank you huxley! I've been wondering about Yoshikazu-chan.


[this is good] This is a really warming and into-depth explanation. Cleared up so many things and just makes me want to stand by Arashi, especially Oh-chan all the way. Reading from this really makes me think those two women + the random person were at fault. It's also quite pretty mean of them giving a testimony like that to a magazine. By either way, thank you so much for this information! =) 


thanks for translating this huxley! ^^

i guess most of us feel the same way with yoshikazu-chan. Arashi is a big inspiration to us all.

anthrax? hmm... meron pa yatang konti dito..



thanks for translating~!


As always, you brighten up my day with your translations! *bear hugssss*

I know that buying a Toyota is the most difficult form of appeasement.  But we are all united.  So, who wants to share with me and buy a Toyota?  Haha!  ^__^


I have been following ossan-fan's blog the last few days from the entry about his new book to that new entry for Arashi from the time it was posted. Comments have been steadily increasing in support that I felt touched knowing the Japanese fans are really there for Arashi and not all are women.

Talking about buying a Toyota, my friend pointed out something to me yesterday: "Look at that new taxi! The plate reads SH0 and it is a RED TOYOTA WISH." I really need to find that taxi now and take a short ride on it XD

As for fans everywhere, we can also help by pre-ordering another 1 or 2 or 3 more copies of the new single.


[this is good] I already have a toyota.. >..< should i sell this one and buy a new one? Hwaha seriously, i love ur suggestions, makes me grin from earto ear XB


Thanks a lot for translating this! ^__^  It makes me feel better to know there are a lot of people supporting Arashi!
I can't stand how they are trying to hurt Arashi, when all they do is make other people happy, and help them indirectly, giving them strenght and inspiration to go through difficult moments in their lives... In the other hand, who feels better thanks to those stupid tabloids, are they making happy anyone? Are they making the life of other people better in anyway? ... How I hope that all the pain they cause, gets to them soon or latter TT^TT   (maybe is bad of me to wish that?... well, I have never said that I'm an angel XD)


[this is good] I've been following his blog to see what he had to say too and totally touched by his entry =))

LOL I've ALREADY got a Toyota xDDD
Been searching Tongari corns in my country
AU doesn't work in my country (but got a reply from them)
Have already bought multi copies of their products before this happened..
Was eating Nino noodle the last time I was there
Awesome analysis by the fan there and thanks for sharing!

wish I have something lethal to send to kodansha though xD


true that. but i think ohno still has some responsibility to bear for this hmmmmmmm 'incident'? have you read the article....? i hated it. extremely biased. but then, hey, its a tabloid, not the new york times or anything.

love takeuchi's site title! and it is true that no matter what, those happiness/encouragement arashi has brought to me is real. and i'm glad for that :D

thank you hux(have i asked you your real name before??) for the suggestions, but if i followed all of them, i'll get cardiac arrest before you can say 'ohno i love you!'


I want that book! I wonder if Arashi knows about the book and are thinking of buying it. Wouldn't it be great if he guested on Shukudai? XD


Thanks so much for the translations! now I do know what were the words used in the article, at least more or less... and this is a good review of the biased mag! : )

p.s. i've been eating tongari corn all the while~ it's really yummy! Will perhaps go buy a few more this weekend ne. ;D


[this is good] thanks a lot for the translations! i love Yoshikazu-chan! >w< he really can relate to a lot of Arashi fans here. and then i really like what that fan said about the incident. she pointed out some good things there so now i'm curious on what's probably going on behind the scenes there... by the way i hope you don't mind me adding you! ^^


LOL! I want to buy that book too! Thank you for translating yoshikazu-chan's blog, huxley! Meanwhile, toyotas are great cars actually, they have awesome engines. XD XD (I hope you don't mind, I added you to my neighborhood).


Thanks a lot for translating and really, the points are very objective and logical.

We already, i mean me have a Toyota does that count.:) Can I add you too to my neighborhood? thanks


Thank you for the translation, really touch my heart and take me back why i love so much Arashi.

With all this mess... is the "Arashi bright feeling" that i want to have.

Thank you Yoshikazu-chan


hahaha.. buy a toyota. X3

thanks huxley~


I adore uncles that love Arashi the same way as we do haha. His book will be a potential no. 1 on the best-selling chart :P  If only there's an English version - world-wide no. 1 :P


Oh hi by the way! I've just added u...hope u don't mind.


reading this really relieved me..thanks for the translation..i'm so touched while reading this..
n their sponsors should be grateful esp au..coz now, because of oh-chan's purururu, au are known all over the world..many fans use it as ringtone..

yeah.i agree If only there's an English version, i surely buy it! ;3


Hello! I am so surprized and feel happy to see my writing on the article of shuukan-gendai


Here's a pretty good summary (sans spoilers) of the Music Lovers taping, and no mention of them bringing up the incident anywhere. Other reports I've read say the same.


Hi satorare. Don't mind at all; added you too ^^ I hope his book does well too (we should bug him for an English translation ^^).


Hello orgelpyon-san! Thank you for writing that great critique which pointed out the many loopholes in the magazine's story. You wrote in the end that you wanted overseas fans to get the facts straight, so I took the liberty
of translating it and sharing it here. Thank you for taking the trouble to leave a comment here, and I apologize for not doing so first on your blog. Thanks again, and hope to see more of you here on Vox ^^


Hi mitchiko. Of course, no need to ask, added you too ^^ Thank orgelpyon, who wrote the original. Well it has to be on Toyota's 3nenbun plan ^^...wait scratch that I just visited the site and it's not Sho-kun plastered there anymore (I wonder when they changed it).


Hi Princess_Jime. Don't mind at all, thanks. Added you too ^^ Come to think of it my family hasn't owned a Toyota in years (we're more of Honda folks...).


Hi mel-chan. Thank orgelpyon, she's the fan who wrote it. And don't mind at all, thanks; added you too ^^


Haven't read the article yet...after the gravity of the marijuana involvement sank in (now we all know that pot in Japan = doom), my mind was bombarded with thoughts of possible arrest and nothing else, but I think I can read the article without too much worrying now knowing that it's highly unlikely.

My name is weird ehe. I'm thinking renal failure before cardiac arrest lols


he puts words beautifully- "be the wind behind their back". I love eeet!

now if only that publisher would stop bothering our happy rainbow glittery band... and how I wish I am one computer genius so I could grant one of your wishes >:)


Thanks..Ohh, they removed Sho kun? I love his Toyota CM.:)


Have a safe trip and have fun! I've thought of another way: if ever the weather gets hot over there, fan yourself with your Leader uchiwa ;D


Apparently Move! mentioned it on TV for the first time >< Granted it's Kansai local, but still >< ><


Hi Bellatina, thanks for dropping by. All the credit goes to orgelpyon, who wrote it. We all know why the magazine is doing it --- sales and money. As for the women's testimonies, I'm reserving judgment about their veracity because the evidence they have presented are really quite flimsy.


Padala mo na XD Oops baka meron talagang magpadala at ma-implicate pa tayo erase erase. Si Naruse-sensei kasi with his grand revenge scheme nakaka-influence. Shuukan Gendai, 'wag kayong mag-alala, mababait kaming mga Arashi fans. "Do not do unto others" kami at hindi "eye for an eye" (no matter how tempting dahil scum of the earth kayo)


Me too, Yoshikazu-chan really has a way with words. Reminds me of that Bette Midler song "Wind Beneath My Wings" (and of course MatsuJun's message at the end of AAA+ in DOME DVD T_T). Btw zasshi.com just posted the contents of next week's issue of Shuukan Gendai just now, and NO LEADER! I can sleep better now next week (I hope).


That would certainly be interesting, but sadly I don't think he's a big enough/mainstream personality to be a guest on Shukudai-kun...I hope his book becomes #1, so he will be ^^


Hi, arachique, thanks for dropping by. I don't think I did justice to Yoshikazu-chan's words, but I'm glad to know it helped to make you feel better. Thank you indeed, Yoshikazu-chan...


Hi eyl, thanks for dropping by. I've never really given much thought to the effects of tabloids until this incident, but sadly I doubt these publications will cease to exist for as long as people keep buying them and the money keeps on rolling. This is probably not the last scandal we'll hear of, now that Arashi is getting bigger and bigger. Guess the only thing we could do is show our unfaltering support.


I didn't know there was a Toyota Wish (I don't think they sell this model here). Can't wait for the release of the special ver. of One Love and see it climb up the charts again (take that, no-life antis). And I hope their new single will win the battle of the Olympic theme songs, amid some stiff competition (ganbare Arashi!).


! wow.....it seems rly unlikely now....a letter from the center itself! the previous johnny who did drugs was kicked out immediately, so yeah, it was a scary time though the mag had absolutely no evidence of him smoking it except for A san's words DUH. i dont trust her words..

the article is distasteful! dont read it!!!


Hi Huxley! I added you to my neighborhood, coz I come to know youre a Filipino like me.

I think Ohno's just a victim of bad publicity. Many people are trying to put him down just because he's starting to act in dramas.. But as they say, they can't put a good guy down.

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