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[this is good]

T___T glad that both of them manage to open their heart to each other, even thou is by getting into fandom. the mama seems really happy in the blog. ^^



I feel so touched by what this mother went through.
And amazingly enough, I think perhaps, this conversion is a common enough experience among many Arashi fans. I used to be anti-JE and mocked Arashi terribly when I was younger. Then I discovered what an amazing group they are and all my prejudices flew out the window.


been reading her other entries.. she has been mentioning Arashi in every single post. she's really a cute mama. Seems that her daughter wants to go Keio?


*ah group hug group hug* that was touching. I'm so glad the mom opened up and tried to understand arashi.
Btw I'm still in awe of your skill in running into these blogs! Thanks for sharing again, Huxley!


Such a touching entry. Thanks for sharing! This is how amazing Arashi can be...Aib-chan will definitely be touched to tears if he read this...and how they've made an impact in people's lives.


*huggies back* Yes it seems her daughter wants to go to Keio since that's where Sho-kun graduated ^^ It's really the most touching "how I became an Arashi fan" story I've ever read T_T


thank you Huxley♥


Saving someone from near suicide is certainly no mean feat...I'm happy her daughter got to know Arashi at that time and was saved from further attempts (thank you Arashi).


*joins group hug*

i got teary-eyed reading this. thank you so much.

indeed. arashi has that healing effect on people. i really can't describe it but no matter how bad my day becomes, i just listen/watch arashi and every bad feeling just go away in a drift.


*group hug* It makes me reflect on my own relationship with my mother too...having a common interest really does open up more channels for communication. I'm happy she gave Arashi a shot ^^


;_; that was so touching! thank you for sharing! *group hug* ;_;


*hugs* ♥


Oh you went from mocking → loving too. I have the feeling this conversion is happening more and more over there now; makes Sho-kun's words about the importance of them not changing more significant than ever.


*group hug* ♡


*hugs* They indeed have the healing effect (and I'm glad her daughter experienced it just in time).


This got me teary-eyed. thanks for sharing.


arashi no chikara desu ne. even though they're 'idols', they have the power to change people in such unexpected ways. thanks for sharing this!


What impresses me is that even if they have that special one member but most of the time, they also love the whole group and pays attention to whatever the other members do too. Because just like Arashi themselves, they would always bring everything back to the group.


This is so beautiful. So touched. I really loved this part
"But when one tries to "understand" it and becomes a "fan", everything turns to happiness"
They really do heal hearts ne~

Thank you so much for translating!!!


you make me cry~ T^T
so heart breaking to find her daughter once tried to kill herself

tho it's disappoint me to find that her favourite was not aiba but sho
(if aiba-chan found this T^T)
i'm glad that they become fans since then
thanks for translating this good story~

immortal rain

groups hugs all around!! ^_^

Arashi's really amazing ne. they touch more people than they probably realize and help more than they would ever know. i'm glad the daughter found them when she did.

thanks for sharing~

Zai' Dayz

Thank you for translating all the precious blog entry from Arashi's fans. This one is by far the most touching one. I'm glad that Arashi had saved her juz like how they have saved me so many times before though I'ne thought of killing myself. They helped me to go through a rough day much more easier. I can go on and on bout these boys.

*hugs everyone*

Zai' Dayz

ooops. typo error.

*I've never


*joins in the group hug* it's undeniable unbelievable on how a group of five can utterly change people's lives in just being idols at the same time as themselves. I know Arashi changed me too, just not to this extent but then, they did. And honestly, I can think of what I might or could have been if I did not become a fan. :)

smile again~


very very happy to reading this ^^ as arashi's fans, I'm so proud them very much

For me, I don't never like or love idol or actor/actress or anything long time. I change easily but arashi, they make me want to know anything about them , love them and very impression ^__^ First Artist really ^^

And now they 're oasis for me when i feel bad in working too

And important, your blog >< make me understand about story of other arashi's fans too. I feel happy that they have same feeling.

thanks for lovely translate ^^


P.S . I'm sorry for my bad english


very glad to read this:)

im so glad how arashi change people's lives and such XD

they are soo amazing . *sniff* it was very touching:)

iloveyouarashi:) foreverandever



This is so touching. There must be tons of people who are saved by the "rainbow band". I don't know how they do it, but they truly are a happiness-inducing band.


That was really very touching. <3


*hugs* Arigato! Wow.... I wonder if Arashi realizes how much they've affected a lot of fans. This story made me cry and it's great to see how much we're binded together! *hugs everyone*

Tenjo Style

I am so touched with this... thanks to share this pretty love story of a mother and her daughter..... Arashi is awesome, I really feel this >.<


[this is good] I'm Arashi Fan. NInomiya is best.


-Gives everyone a big hug-

I was smiling like crazy when I read this.. I wish Arashi would find some way to read this post.. I'm sure they'd get an idea on how important they are to fans.. I just wish my mom would be into Arashi.. Hehe.. Everytime she caught me looking for Arashi goods, she would roll her eyes and say "Arashi again.."

Demo.. I really am happy to read this one..

-Huggles everyone once more and Arashi-



this is awesome. i cant explain how i feel but this is awesome. Arashi touching lives is awesome.

thanks for sharing, Hux-chan! (a new name i got for you. XD)



I'm speechless. I guess this is the power of Arashi. Thank you for sharing.



*group hugs everyone else too*


thanx for share your story, it's so touching,
My mom is not a called 'fan' but she understands Arashi, she likes their music, their tv shows when I translate them just for her, she even likes Nino.
She's trying to remember the other member's name, everytime I see her interest to know more I feel so so so happy n.n.
<3 *big hug*

pink dragon

*group hug*
kya! this is an awesome story! thx for trans/sharing!
i think we see more touching stories and arashi helpfulness when 24 hr tv arrive ne!
gosh... i'm so proud to be an arashi's fan!


I'm so happy for this mother and her daughter! TT^TT
Thanks for sharing!


I can really relate to her story... going from a sceptic to a fan.... They really brighten up my days.. and I'm glad that her daughter seems so much more happier now than before. Aw... This brought a smile to my face, Thanks for translating this. ^_^


That was so touching! TT^TT Thanks for sharing! m(_ _)m


Your entries really make my heart go awww all the time.  Arashi changes people's perceptions the moment they see who they are in real life.  More than looks and talent, it's their personalities that endear everyone to them.  They're engaging, funny, witty but most importantly, very kind people. :)  


thank you for translating!
I am so touched......


Thanks so much for sharing. I agree that they really are an amazing group and an amazing assembly of men. Their friendship and love for each other truly seems genuine and they're not afraid to show their true colors. The message in their music is wonderful, but I feel in love with this group because of their relationship with each other and their personalities/work ethic (Rowing Club sealed it for me).


[this is good] arashi love will save the world. ;A; they are such wonderful sincere people, and seeing how that spreads and spills onto their fans is wonderful.  they make the world a better place. <3  this was such a wonderful article, thank you for sharing!


[this is good] this is so touching and sweet. ;o;
thank you for translating this!!!


That was an awesome story.  Thanks for sharing.


*group hug*
it makes me cried...^^
my love for arashi getting deeper and deeper!
thank you so much!



mou..its true..i know a lot if fangils like that...like myself..i'm a sleeper..i tried to down sleeping pills before...but now when i get really depressed..i just look at shosuki..i'm relieved in a way...seeing him smile and be baka..*sigh*

group hug minna!!!



fangirls are love♥


I'm impressed with this story.

I have heard about this for long time ago.

I was the one who have a story like her.

I was desolate when I had been in high school before just then I found Arashi.

I have been very happy and so thanks for meeting them.


I not good at English so it was terrible. So sorry.



[this is good] I'm touched by this..almost all Arashi fans know that this group is not only about 5 guys with pretty faces..they're so much more! They share with the world happiness and a lot of luv, that what makes them so unique! Thanks for sharing this with us and for adding me dear! Have a great week!

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