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such cute fans they had~ <3

thanks for the translation~ ^^


people are getting to know them personally and they all love them. that just show how lovable they are.


I know such a cute dad! Must be nice having a dad who fans over the same things as she does ^^


Amen to that ^^


But ... Nino can't get married ! That's what the fortune teller told him LOL

ah, the fans are so adorable !! thanks for sharing ..


de daddy n mummy is cute XD


Maybe it's that he can't get married now 'cause there's already someone waiting ten years from now hehe. Sayuri-chan is lucky to have Taro-mama as her, er, pimp lols.


They are indeed ^^


I think it is such an honour for anyone to be invited on their shows! Something to brag about haha I like how Arashi can be a common topic for parent-child to bond over.

KAZU! See? Once you cut your hair, your future wife comes back XD I wonder if Sayuri will grow up feeling horrified at what her mother has done to her.

This kind of proposal feels just like the manga - Mimura was supposed to be engaged to Yamada's sister and they would wait for her to grow up before marrying. Hehe!


Awww..... It's cool that he uses Arashi as a way of communication with his daughter.. That's just so sweet.... And Kikuchi-san really wants Nino to be her son-in-law.. Actually, I wouldn't mind.. It's just that the age difference is like 0_0.

Thanks for sharing! <3


lol, i had a good laugh. Simply love the fact that parents and children adore Arashi. I think Kuchiki san's more excited to have Nino as a son ^^" Interested to know how Nino will reply to this XD thanks for sharing!


"It's a little something I can brag about
to my daughter."

ooh i love this ojiisan! interesting otousan^^ i can imagined him coming home after the recording with a broad grin on his face&had a peaceful sleep that night ^_^  and taro-mama chou kawaiii!^^ she sure had a great great time acting with Nino last year ne ^__^

Huxley-san, as always, thank you very much for sharing all these..otsukare!! *huuuuuuuugs* ^__~


thanks so much for the translation~~

lols @ the proposal~~




the belly talk was hilarious^^

arashi really have nice attitude that's why they're become popular.
not just face and charm^^
glad that i'm in arashi fandom

thanks for sharing~


that is one cool dad! ^___^

he suddenly became conscious about his belly. XDDD

next thing we know, he'll be attending the concerts with his daughter and waving uchiwas. lolz!

but yeah, he's really cool. ^^

and Taro-mama you're not pressuring nino aren't you? XD

thanks for sharing huxley!


Lovely dad ne ^^ he try to communication with his daughter by watching arashi with her . Adorable this !!!

And momokosan, I wish to see your daughter >< and nino, u have the youngest finance already >< haha

thanks for translation and sharing ^^


[this is good] hahahahhah! they are cute!! I like the dad story =) and momoko momoko momoko tsk tsk tsk you're just dying to become nino mother in law xD 
Huxly, thanks so much for posting the most interesting story and translation again!!


Aww. I love that they're loved. Thanks for posting this.


gawd. because arashi is just the supreme awesome that makes the earth goes round on its axis!

nino at 35 is..........unthinkable.


I think its amazing that Arashi has touched so many people, more than they know..

Who would of imagined that sensei was an Arashi fan? xD The people that work with Arashi must respect them a lot and be glad of the opportunity.


[this is good]

LOL. Celebrities moms will try to hook their daughters with the boys from now on...

Step aside kiddies, you're waaaay behind cause the line's already full with 20-30's now.

But then again, Nino might find it cute to have a 17 years old bride when he's 35. By then he probably would look more like 25 anyway.

Zai' Dayz

Awww. He's such a cute papa. I wish my dad is like that. Of course I still love my dad ^^

N Momoko-san, you'll do anything to get Nino with ur daughter right? XD


Thanks so much for sharing! *hugs*

Arashi is really a bonding moment for fathers and daughters.   And I love how Tatsuya-san recounted his moments with Arashi.  You really feel that he admires the five of them. :)

I wish that I have a mother like Momoko-san who will do everything so that she could push her daughter towards Nino.  Hahaha!  It's just so cute!  Even if Nino's 35, she'll still wish that her daughter will marry Nino!  Since her daughter will be 18, Nino at 35 will still look 18.  Haha! XD


The dad sure is sweet. Her daughter must be proud (and quite envious) of him! ^__^

And Momoko-san proposal... O_o
Thanks for the translation!!


Hi eyl, no prob, thanks for dropping by ^^


*huggies back* I think I'd be mortified if my own mother pleaded to the object of my affection on my behalf ^^; And on public radio for that matter lols. It'd be interesting to see if Sayuri would remain loyal to her ouji Nino and not be baited away by other ikemens nearer her age (Hey Say Jump, anyone?).


XD I love my dad the way he is, but yeah it must be fun to have an equally Arashi-loving dad (maybe we should give converting ours a try XD)


Somehow I can't imagine Nino when he's 35...still into games most likely...and maybe perhaps prepubescent girls? He'll be lucky if he's still Sayuri-chan's idol in ten years time (teenage girls can be so fickle...).


I know who would have thought? I randomly came across his site while searching for something else; it was a nice unexpected gem of a find ^^


Love your description of Arashi lols. Same here, can't imagine Nino at 35


No prob, glad you enjoyed it ^^


Who wouldn't want to become Nino's mother-in-law? ;D Hmm although I would worry that he'd pay more attention to his DS than my daughter lols


I want to see Sayuri too~ I'm trying to imagine what she looks like with Taro-mama as her mom, and apparently this guy as her dad hmmm...


Haha I can easily imagine him being his daughter's con partner with matching uchiwas XDD


Hi risu_chan, glad you enjoyed it, thanks for dropping by ^^


Glad you enjoyed it ^^


*huuugs nee-chan back* ^_^


Nino's betting on his newly-acquired magic skills:

If I went over to their house now, I would surely further capture her heart.
Because I can do magic now.
I am confident that her heart will be completely captured by this.
I've actually met her once at one of our concerts.
She was so shy, she went to hide inside Kikuchi Momoko-san's skirt.
This time I'm thinking of going over to their house to talk properly.
Well, I want the two of us to think about the future together.
No, really, I'm very grateful.
Kikuchi Momoko-san, thank you so much for your birthday message.


Haha I don't mind the age difference; they say girls mature faster that guys anyway ^^


*_* nino is such a sweet talker...to the extent of going over to their house! why does it sound like an omiai XD Or u know, maybe Nino is getting worried about what the fortune teller's prediction that he can't marry~! XDDD


Ah I remember now she transferred her feelings to Sho-kun in her love letter to Nino on Shukudai-kun lols. Now we know the real reason why Nino cut his hair ;D


This time I'm thinking of going over to their house to talk properly.
Well, I want the two of us to think about the future together.

haha, Nino! where is this from, Baystorm? Taro's mom is def using her connections, not fair! xD


Yup from the same bay storm. How are you? Hope you've settled in nicely already in your new home ^^


still adjusting, and still getting homesick a lot. :D
punta ka sa Asia cons? 


Sadly hindi...ikaw? Ingat ka d'yan ^^


hindi rin :( mahal pamasahe e. sa 2009-- sana :D

ingat ka rin dyan :)

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