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I'm forever enthralled with your fanmen/fanboys stalking skills. It's just the other day that I spotted them sitting behind Nino during Arashi's talk session prior to Step n Go performance in Music Station. One of them (I don't know who is who XD) even took a moment to laugh at Nino's seemingly comedic remark which I, unfortunately, don't understand (LOL!! I have this tendency to study the other guests' reactions to Arashi's conversation). So, their boss is an Arashi's fanman, eh? XD That's interesting.
And wow, your web searching skill must be superb that you could find all those Jounetsu Tairiku episodes. Aside from Nino's episode, I only managed to collect another three high-quality JT episodes (interviews with Aoi Yuu, Tsuchiya Anna, and Ueno Juri) and two LQ ones on Oguri Shun in .flv format. I had been searching for their reports on Odagiri Joe and Orange Range but it was to no avail. So, I'm wondering whether you've ever chanced upon these two....      


PS: The parody of Friday is seriously a masterpiece!!!!!! <3333333 All hail to ShoJun!! (Umm, not that it's my OTP. Heck, Arashi members can be paired up anyway we like it. I just feel like blurting it out for no rational cause XD).  


I don't know who is who in Yuzu either ^^; Looked up their boss's name; it's Inaba (Inaba-shachou, welcome to the fold lol). You watched Tsuchiya Anna's Jounetsu tairiku ep! She's quite the colorful character isn't she (fave part: "Mifune Toshiro? Who the heck is that?" lols). Here's Shun's ep in HQ (part 2 only tho), and here's Odagiri Joe's ep. Haven't chanced upon Orange Range, but other celebs featured on the show that you might be interested in (just holler if you want the links):

Johnny's - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, YamaP
Musicians - Angela Aki, BoA, EXILE, Koda Kumi, Nakajima Mika
Actors - Fukuyama Masaharu, Narimiya Hiroki, Shinohara Ryoko

The parody is indeed a masterpiece lol. It reads like a real tabloid article (if I had no idea who these two were, I'd have thought the article was real):

A couple was spotted inside a car at a park in Setagaya, Tokyo. These two were none other than Sakurai Sho (25) and Matsumoto Jun (24), who, one can argue, are the official couple of the popular idol group Arashi --- their alleged love affair shook the world, but with no concrete evidence to prove it, they outwardly continue to deny their relationship.

rotflmao x5274689. I'd do the rest but the fan might object to it. She sure makes for an excellent spin doctor. Don't have an OTP (don't ship/read fic), but I love creative parodies like the article above and this fanvid lols.


I always visit that blog just for laughs. The fan is so dedicated XD

As for Yuzu, Nino does play a lot of their songs during Mago-times (recommendations ala nino) and also other songs that can easily be played on acousticly on the guitar.

I am glad they are liking Arashi back haha. Because sometimes, others see groups as Johnny's first but in Arashi's case, Johnny's is just their management (well Jstorm but you get the drift of being labelled a Johnny's). They are first and foremost Arashi the group. For Yuzu to think "Arashi can sing our song", that's special.


another addition to the fanmen!! I feel so proud, as it's really an unusual case for men to like boybands (not just in Japan). but with Arashi, a lot seems to be coming out these days.. not to mention that they're in the same industry as the boys. And a boss at that!! high profile fan, lol. Also I read a while back that one of the guys from Remioromen likes Arashi too <3333

that fan has so much time in her hands! xD or she's just too dedicated. LOL at the Friday parody.. shall we see Bubka next? xDDD

ah you're so lucky you got Neil's autograph! I agree, from reading his blog, he seems like a really nice person.


[this is good] Thanks for sharing all these, Huxley! You're always so resourceful and able to dig into so much interesting stuff!
Yuzu's been around for so long they're quite iconic so I'm very happy that they appreciate Arashi too =)))
And you're right, that fan is a comedic genius!! luckily you provided those links 'cause I was trying to navigate her site but with little success due to my lack of knowledge in korean language lol.

Truly enjoyed seeing that artist draw! Drawing is a very very happy process indeed 'cause one can get lost into that without a worry in the world during that time.. really bring smiles to us just by watching right? Same thing applies when watching Ohchan making his art =)) it's bliss!!

Neil Gaiman is a nice bloke.. apparently he blogs often too lol! Good for you in getting the signature =))


 fave part: "Mifune Toshiro? Who the heck is that?" lols --> LOLOLOLZ!!! She's one outgoing character with a lot of spunk, isn't she? And um, quite hyper at times. And I would love to have the links to JT reports on the aforementioned popular Japanese figures except YamaP cuz I already watched his (well, rather than 'watched', it's more to 'skimmed through' XDDD). Thank you for Odagiri Joe's ep link.  


[this is good] galing!!! this is what i love about your vox...


May shojun2530 continue to provide us with laughs ^^ I've noticed that ShoJun is the only Arashi conbi people manip (probably because all the others pretty much manip themselves lol) and devout ShoJun fans have l33t manip skillz (I really thought this was real, until I saw the original).

Yuzu did mention Johnny's first, but specifically mentioned only Arashi (I wonder what catchy Arashi love songs they have in their iPods...Love so sweet? WISH?). I only posted the last part above, sorry:

This was quite a challenging song for me (laughs). Just what for me is a catchy thing or word? What constitutes a catchy melody? That was the basic premise I had [for the song]. Of course it's a Yuzu song, but I envisioned it such that, for instance, someone from Johnny's can totally sing it (laughs). In my mind it was set like a song that, for instance, Arashi-san can totally sing [without it sounding incongruous coming from them] (laughs). Because it's catchy, so to speak, and I just took the liberty of expanding that image in my head.

Er that didn't quite make sense ^^;. Yuzu's songs are very folksy (acoustic guitar, tambourine, harmonica), basically un-idol stuff, and I guess what he's trying to say is that for Kimi ate no melody, he intended it as a catchy love song such that if Arashi sings it, it wouldn't sound weird and un-idol at all coming from them, and totally fits right in with the rest of their repertoire along with Love so sweet etc.


But Nino always sing their songs and it fits (that emo boy) haha if all the artistes think that "Ah! This is a song that even Arashi can sing", Arashi should sing them in the MCs of concerts like what Ohchan did before with Hirai Ken's "Hitomi wo Tojite" - <33333!!!

SHOJUN FANS FTW! Hehe Connie is very happy nowadays because all the pictures are of SJ are now naturally together without her having to photoshop them :D Give us more SJ in the upcoming shows!


Once again, I miss your posts!!! :)

Thanks for providing the links.  As much as I would like to check them right now at home, my connection's too slow.  Once I get back to work on Tuesday or if tomorrow, my connection at home is better, can't wait to see everything!

Have a great start to the week!


I 'm a  fan of Yuzu espeically Yujin

and I have been listening to their songs more than 3 years

Oh my god I don't know that they like Arashi too

I know that Nino always picked up Yuzu's songs to play

in Mago Mago.

Thanks for translation.


Such a high-profile fan indeed (Yuzu's own version of Johnny-san lol). Remioromen too? Didn't know that. Where and when did they say it? I remember seeing a taidan tho of their lead singer with Aoi Yu, where she mentioned Nino (she said she learned about Remioromen from Nino as he was always playing their song in his dressing room when they were together for a play).

It's so weird that 2 days after posting about this ShoJun parody article they appear together on an actual tabloid magazine O.o And about them doing 4p (excuse me while I laugh my head off ahahahahahahaha).

I used to follow Neil's blog too, but he updated so often that it was hard to catch up (I remember someone actually writing to him something like, "Hey Neil you're always blogging; do you have time to actually write a book?" lol).

She's quite spunky indeed. Haven't seen anything she's been in tho ('cept maybe that Onee MANS ep with Ohno-kun that she was also in lol). Jounetsu tairiku links galore, enjoy: BoA Fukuyama Masaharu Koda Kumi Kusanagi Tsuyoshi Nakashima Mika Narimiya Hiroki


Have a great week to you too! Hope you enjoyed the extended weekend ^^


Oh you've been a fan of theirs for more than three years! I like them now too now that they like Arashi (← yes I'm so easy lol).


Salamat hehe...^^;


Hi Koon! Don't know Korean either, but I persevered in browsing her site 'cause her parodies (which transcend language lol) are too funny to pass up lols.

I really love those drawing clips too; I kept wanting to watch them again so I cut them from the whole ep. Can't quite relate to the process since unfortunately I have zero drawing skills, but you're absolutely right, it brings smiles just by watching! Come to think of it, we'd love to see you draw too! I saw the clip Anna posted of her painting a while back and that was really enjoyable (but please ignore if it's too mendokusai a request...).





and he even had to be the one to reveal the truth behind the other couples lol

and nino's talk on how to look after your man LMAO

ohmiya sk VS bambis

! just read the above caption that read, cat's eye bambi VS bambino's bambi. rival unit omg lolllllllllllllllllll











*revives you* Don't die yet lol. Haven't checked the site in a while and now they've produced a Sakujun fanbook lolsss (too bad I can't read Korean).


Huxley I bow to your investigative skills, I seriously thought you knew Korean as well which is why I asked you earlier how many languages you know. Anyway this post is another reminder why I always enjoy your blogging. Eclectic, very intuitive links that somehow relate to one another, always something new to learn, and beneath all that the burbling love of fanmen, fanboys and of course the amazingly rabid force of fangirlism that propels this rabid industry. That Sho + Jun fan is something else, but that Taiyou Sensei and Doutei Boy were made for one another.

Yuzu is the cutest. I don't know their songs that well beyond what I've seen of them on music programs but I can see why they are a favorite in Nino's repertoire. One half of the pair always sings a bit sloppily, and the other one is so endearingly high-pitched, which makes both their singing parts just perfect for him.


Love your description of Yuzu and why Nino likes them haha. Sadly I don't know Korean...tried learning it years ago, but lost interest (if only I knew back then how indispensable it would be in searching for files lols). I never really thought much about this blog, but wow thanks a lot for the kind words ^^

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