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kawaii ;O;

Zai' Dayz


That teacher must be a really good one that Aiba-chan really want to meet her again. I can't even remember my uni lecturers >.<


so sweet of Him>.<
this teacher mustve been such a big part of his life ne?

as I read this seems like he doesnt met with his
unforgettable teacher for ages...
any news if they met?


Aiba-chan mentions her a lot in interviews. Wanted to do the complete messages for Aiba-chan's birthday, but ran out of time ^^; Bami-chan supported Aiba-chan when he first entered Johnny's: she bought the mag containing his first appearance, and went to his stage play Stand by me. But he was also strict with Aiba-chan, saying "You'll never succeed. Showbiz is not that easy." This made Aiba-chan serious (before he just treated being a junior like a game). Now Aiba-chan is quite thankful to her.


She did play a big role (please see my above comment to Zai'Dayz). Haven't read/heard any news yet if they've finally met.

Zai' Dayz

A very good teacher indeed.

I would help Aiba-chan to search for her, if only I live in Japan XD


so that's why...
She really is unforgettable...


Now i wish I was the teacher, lol XD
Nah, i wish i had her as my teacher^^

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