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Thank you for all the great translations. I can't even begin to comment but I want to on each one you do!

Hmmm a broody, serious Jun - no difference there haha but he has learned to lighten up a bit eh. Aibachan is damn cute and much more observant than most people gives him credit for.


*huggles back* Agree with you on observant Aiba-chan, he really got MatsuJun spot on even then. Am beginning to see the charm of Aiba-chan/MatsuJun conbi (but will always be leaning towards Sho-kun/MatsuJun ^^)


Jun is serious man really ^^ but now I think he relax more ^^

Thanks for your lovely translations ^^


Aiba must be shocked with Jun's fast growth. I was shocked too when I saw this abt a yr ago. XDD


The way Aiba described Jun was so spot on!  He might look like a happy-go-lucky guy but he's so observant.  Even your previous entry about Nino showed Aiba's deep friendship with Nino.

Thanks for the translations!  Maligayang Pasko! :)


Thanks, genki! Advanced Merry Christmas! ^^


Thanks for the greeting, Maligayang Pasko to you too! ^^


I'm glad and relieved he grew taller! Dami kasing child stars dito na di tumangkad (Aiza Seguerra, Niño Muhlach, etc...). Advanced Merry Christmas! ^_^


now that you mentioned it, few days ago we were talking about artists' heights and my friend told me that the studio lights hinder people from growing, giving Nino Muhlach as an example. buti na lang lumaki pa nga siya :D

happy holidays din sa iyo, have a nice holiday break with lotsa food. yumm :)

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