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wow~ reeboks...and the fact that his dad looks somewhat younger than him... so thats where he inherited his being "an eternal 17 year old image"... uah... now I know... thanks for these... but who said it?


Aiba-chan did ^^


I can't believe Aibachan got to meet Nino's dad. Aibachan probably knows a lot about Nino's family situation even from then eh :) Thank you for taking care of Nino (why do I sound like his mom?)


uah! thanks... i love Nino and Aiba... =)

Zai' Dayz

Question. Nino's mom n dad divorced right? Do u know when was it? I'm juz curious...


Sorry, I don't know. I've never heard Nino say himself that his parents are divorced; I only read it on a Japanese rumor bbs. But he usually only talks about his mom and sis, so I guess one can surmise from that..All I know is that his dad used to be a teacher at Hattori, a famous cooking school, and I vaguely remember reading somewhere (can't remember where or if I'm even recalling correctly) that his mom used to be his dad's student.

pink dragon

XD LOL at the last few sentences~
how i wish i was there~ haha~
damn aiba really loves playing naked ne~
i hope ohchan would get his wish soon, going to onsen w/ the boys~
ah! nino/aiba went way back.. reebok!
so cute!


boys and their rubber shoes >.<
it's funny how Aiba found affinity with Nino through Reeboks.

these two are really close from junior days huh. no wonder Johnny has an image of 'Nino is always with Aiba'.

Zai' Dayz

Student n teacher huh? Very interesting...N the forever-17 years old-look mystery finally solved ^^


Chibi Aibachan and Ninochan anecdotes never fail to make me smile!
Affinity over Reebok shoes and gliding naked over tiles at a bath house is only something those two could have done together..


[this is good] Huxley! Thank you so much for all the wonderful you selected and
translated during Aiba month, otsukaresama! =) I esp love this one, so
many little random things with chibi Aiba and Nino! All the other
bathhouse customers left half way huh.. I wonder why, Aiba-san.. maybe
you and naughty Ninochan causing a scene? heheh :D Anyway, Happy
holidays and xmas to Huxley =)


Awww.... These two always bring a smile to my face!!

The Reebok affinity thing made me laugh out loud... ^0^

And the sliding in the bath house thing made me laugh even more...

I love their relationship with each other.. <3


I hope Leader gets his wish too, this time with Sho-kun along. Hope you had a great Christmas ^^


Thanks for dropping by, MyMelody5. Hope you had a great Christmas :D


Boys will be boys ;D Nike was all the rage among the boys back when I was in grade school too (wonder if it's still true now). Glad Johnny had that image, else he wouldn't have called Aiba-chan up to join Arashi (thanks Nino!).


Thanks a lot for the greeting Koon! Once again, hope you and your new hubby had a great Christmas holiday. And have a Happy New Year! :D

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