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Did you read last month's Duet for Toma?

He talked about going to Arashi Dome concert and then he didn't get to talk to Sho because he had rushed off for Zero but he send a "hot" email to Sho but Sho hasn't replied. Then he said "Sho-kun, if you read this, call me back. I am lonely." LOL at times, I am actually quite surprise how close Toma is to Sho too.

(i'm still trying to write a reply to your question on "do the rest have fanboys?" orz)


Toma said that? I only read/follow Arashi. I assumed he was close with his former MAIN buddies, esp. MatsuJun because they went to the same school. You don't have to reply if it's too much! I thought I'd ask because you're really knowledgeable about the juniors ^^


It's Toma. He's close to everyone whose anyone LOL but yah, I do get surprised at how close he is with Sho when most are usually afraid of Sho (of course in my mind, toma is the honourary 6th member of arashi considering how close he is with all of them even ohno and being flirty with the whole lot).

Nah! It's not a problem but I need to confirm something with my friend (she is like my Johnny's-discussion buddy LOL because she's been into Johnny's even longer and is a KinKi-fan before Arashi). But from the looks, I don't think the Kaze has any verbal fanboys because they treat kouhais differently/normally (even Jun) as compared to Sho who gives off a "DND" untouchable aura.

immortal rain

hahaha...it's nice to know that even as a Junior, Nino showed his love to others in the same way he does now. ^_____^


I know it is Aibachan's month..

but I'm just dying over the fact that cute cute matsujun was 38kg when he was 13. And 153cm. XPPP


Me too, I know it's Aiba-chan month, but I had to post MatsuJun's part too because it's too cute. I've never seen so many exclamation marks in a MatsuJun interview!


Haha Nino hasn't changed ne. And watching arashi5x5's old clips, he sure hasn't changed that much outwardly too, compared to the others. His voice, his face, the way he talks, it's all the same! Nino must know the secret to eternal youth hmmm...


It's Toma. He's close to everyone whose

I remember now, I read a long time ago about Toma hanging out with Goro (!) and Narimiya Hiroki. Since I only watch Arashi, the only SMAP member I get to see is Nakai. The others are like in a whole different world. But Goro! Sasuga Toma.

in my mind, toma is the
honourary 6th member of arashi

That gets me wondering if there were fans of MAIN who were angry/disappointed that he didn't debut with them, like fans of 4tops and Yax3 were when NEWS and HSJ debuted.


Toma already holds the title of being the first kouhai to appear on SxS (and still hoping for arashi to appear there but they probably won't let that happen yet) but actually, SMAP isn't as unreachable as people seems to think. They are quite a friendly bunch and close to a lot of the kouhais that matter to them.

I think at the time, fans were not as obsessed as they are now and sad to say but Toma wasn't listed as a "possible debut" during Arashi. I think most were affected during NEWS because that period, he was right for a debut and really good but... who knows what the upperhands were thinking but not complaining because I don't really care for NEWS and I can't see Toma there with the bunnies either :P

immortal rain

lol...i have discussed with several others people and we have all agreed...

Nino holds the fountain of youth, hidden somewhere where no one but him (and maybe Ohno) knows. XDDD


I wonder too where that Jun went O_O though we see it sometimes surfacing, but still..

yeah I was wondering how strong as a group MAIN was to cause an uproar amongst fans, but maybe temporary groups back then are not as strong as the junior formations we see now. hehe, I could imagine though the ??? on fans' faces when Tackey did not debut and instead Ohno did. I saw a cover of magazine with the four boys + Tackey pre-debut and yaikkks, it could have been a foreshadowing pic! thank heavens Arashi got Ohno :D


i'd really like to see what will happen when nino strangles the current matsujun. :D


Hi baystorm, thanks for dropping by. I want to see that too :D


You're right, come to think of it, they were shuffled a lot back then...their fate really hangs on the whims of Johnny ne (is he still the one doing the picking?). Thank the heavens indeed :D

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