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hahaha xDDDD


[this is good] HAhahahah that's a great finish to Satoshi month! I'm imagining our
Little Devil riding in his Hell Taxi xD Ohchan is so weird that's why
Nino loves him (and so do we) ^_^ Thanks so much for all your
contribution to Ohchan month, Huxley!!




hahaha..this is funny. i add you to my neighborhood if you don't mind ^__^


Ah! I remembered this interview. I couldn't stop laughing over the whole Hell and Olympig (i thought it was just Olympic + pig o_O) and then how they joke around so much during conreha that they will always make Jun mad XD I think he said somewhere else after Olympig, Ohchan wants to call the next album "Guppy" HAHA.

I love when they guest on radioshows and totally spoil each other's image. But especially if it's a female DJ, you can just hear them kyaaaing and moeing and giggling and *fangirl mode on* by the end of the interview - no matter which member. It gets to a point that you are wondering if she will faint from hyperventilating too much XD


And for someone who wants to be a taxi driver to Hell but only has a PASMO and then, he wants a BOAT license instead so he can take the rest fishing. Priorities, Ohchan, priorities. Normal people don't drive a boat to work unless you are a captain... which you are coincidentally :P


Hi Koon! Was going to post this on time, but I lost my internet
connection >< Am slowly catching up (I'm not online for only a
few days, and now Sho-kun's going to play a costume hero called
Yatterman...! Arashi, you never fail to surprise me lol). Thanks to you
too for all the awesome Leader artworks! Hope you'll draw Aiba-chan
this month too :D


Hi kitorang! Thanks a lot, added you back. Yoroshiku :D

Turtelgirl A

Hell Taxi XD

it's moments like this which makes me love them so much more and more. Thanx for sharing.


bwaha I want a hell taxi shirt. Riida Taxi is very cute!

Thank you for translating!


I wonder what their rehearsals would be like if MatsuJun weren't there to boss them around lol. Guppy? Wah cute but I think their management won't allow it XD Aiba-chan also suggested Elekinpig, which is a play on Pip-elekiban. I love it when they guest on radio shows too! The DJ of ON8 is so lucky to have had as guests four of Arashi already. I hope MatsuJun will appear as a guest soon!


Hi Turtelgirl A! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for dropping by.


Me too! I wonder if he bought it himself or if his mom bought it for him (probably the latter XD).


[this is good]


thanks for translating! ^^


[this is good] LOL Hell Taxi! why the hell did he buy that shirt in the first place? opps i guess his mom bought it? hahaha so funny XD i bet matsujun felt really helpless as ohmiya fooled around :D :D :D

And thanks for all the wonderful translations!! :D


[this is good] eh hell taxi <--> no drivers license? XD

Zai' Dayz


I can imagine hime-sama getting mad at them. "You two, don't dance next to each other! Nino, go to that side! Riida, stay there!" LMAO

I think Ohno is the only 27yrs old man who doesn't have driving license. Well, at least, the one that I know of.


ohchan is weird ne...hahaha!!! he responds being called TAXI by Nino

we have a new nickname for him..lol

thanks for translating!

pink dragon

lol~ i can imagine.. since saw them joking around in the dvd behindscenes.
aiyo~ ohno is so funny~ i wonder if he first wore that shirt purposely and wanted nino to say 'taxi'.. and then he'd come over~ haha~
thx so much for sharing~ kya!


[this is good] so funny!!! our dearie ohchan's month just ended and now it'll be aiba's month! ^_____^


Well it seems that shirts with unique English are quite the norm (here's one featuring Johnny's boys). I think the t-shirt makers are concerned more with design than grammar XD


Haha that's exactly how I imagined it too!


Hurrah for new nickname! If there's "Sakurai Yatterman Sho", then there's Ohno "Hell Taxi Driver" Satoshi lol


I'll try to join Aiba-chan month too!


ja, let's start counting today.. ahehe i started already ^_^


LOL!! That's hilarious! Some are cool and make sense, but most r just plain crude or nonsensical. The "pornstar" series is funny XD and nino's "GROW GROW GROW" is so apt XD XD XD they really should check out their shirts b4 they wear them ^^;;;


thank you for your translation contribution for Ohno month ^^ learnt some things about Riidaa that i didn't know =P and it was so cute that he kept on coming over to Nino whenever he called 'taxi'! XD he's such a little kid for a 27 year old XD and very Sho-like to come up with the album name! and very Aiba/Nino/Riidaa-like to come up with Olympig. at least we weren't the only ones wondering about the random pig lol.

yay! Aiba month starto! i look forward to more translations ne... and i see you've made over your vox in honour of him =P


thanks for adding me back, huxley. i truly enjoyed your posts. this one makes me laugh so hard i woke up my dogs. ohhhh, nino... XD


Thanks frapbois! Hope your dogs weren't too angry about being woken up :D


My fave is Ken-kun's "Do you have a cock?" ^^;;; and Ueda's "Gay Liberation Front" lol. The opposite --- English-speaking folks using nonsense Chinese/Japanese characters --- also applies (and equally funny too!).


lol isn't it sad when u have "toilet" tatooed on your arm? damn embarrassing! snigger.


i have added you as my friend


this cracked the HELL of me... LOL...
oh Ohno so adorable... only has a Pasmo and not a drivers license>.<

Nino really does a good job on telling other members
some funny adorable secrets of other members...
I remembered him telling on National Television in Hey3x Telephone box
about Ohno picking his nose... LOL XD


Are you an Arashi fan? Just curious why you added me ^^

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