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"I'm happy because we're together all the time"

awww..i'd be happy if we're together all the time too. hehehehe XD and yay! let's celebrate the aiba month!! :D


Hurrah for Aiba-chan month! Although I'm so late ^^; Will try to catch up!


this is so good!!!

lols at Ohchan and Nino!! its really love between them!

thanks for posting this up! ♥.


Hi Katz! Leader and Nino are so cute ne. I don't ship, but even I have to admit  that Ohmiya can be really moe~ ;D


uah~! Ohmiya Sk... LOL... I love the translation=)

and oh... I love your banner by the way...

I'll add you up in my neighborhood... if its okey...


Hi CaroLine! Of course it's okay. Added you too :D




So Happiness for Ohno-kun is to be able to be with everyone always.
Right...that's Happiness. ♥

aw <3
thank you for sharing:D


Thanks for translating, Huxley! I'm touched by Aibachan's words about putting feelings into the song, how he remembers the times with his friend.. and I'm freaking cracked up over Ohmiya. Those two! <333 XD

pink dragon

thx for sharing~
so cute!!!
anybody have the audio!!??
~>_<~ i can't find it!


You can find it at Arashian Files. Here's the MU link from there.


Glad you enjoyed it!


omgosh i can actually comment! my browser has prbs with vox so i can't always comment. only once in a blue moon! so i will to tell you that i thoroughly enjoy your hell taxi translation lol i love ohno, he pretends to be victim

and hello, texting someone next to you? HOW KOIBITORASHI IS THAT? thanks hux! i'll probably get to comment by the time year 3000 rolls about so i want to thank you in advance for other translations in aiba month :D


this group is soooo twisted: Leader is #1 most bullied member and the youngest is the one who gets to scold the members. not to mention that the smartest one is arguably, IMO, the dorkiest of them all XDD


Thanks redchemistry! Haha koibito-rashii indeed :D Hopped over to your Vox and then to your LJ; hope you don't mind me dropping by
there too :D


Thanks so much for translating (even though I am reading this so long after you originally posted this). I love reading about their backstage antics, knowing how they get along when they don't have to do so for the benefit of the cameras is a joy. Reading about Ohmiya texting each other like that reminds of the 'My Girl' PV making-of, where Jun cheekily rings up Ohno (sitting less than a metre away) but hangs up immediately several times. Ahh, the baka-ness of it all!

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