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"Will I be able to make MatsuJun's birthday song?"

aww Nino, you're so sweet! ^___^

Tenjo Style

Thank you so much for the translations! ^_____^

I hope you don't mind if i add you to my vox's friends ^^


thanks very much for the translation..
it is always interesting to " read " Nino's interview...
I like the 20th question which he will pick himself if he is a girl..
lovely Nino-chan


(20) Looking at Arashi now objectively, if you were a girl, whose fan would you be? Why?
Ninomiya-kun. Because he's the type of guy who makes you want to say, "Hey, try harder!" (laughs)

HAHAHA..a fan of himself..xDDD Nino and his big ego..


yeah, he had to be his fan!!!  I love that boy ^^


So random but i like it when nino refers to oh-chan as "ano hito" or "ano riida"!


Ate Hux, hope you won't mind putting this article in the forum. That's one of my fave articles.

Thank you!


I'll get back to you!


Thanks for reading, guys. Tenjo, I don't mind at all, thanks. Added you back. :D Jen, go ahead. I'll try to do the rest after Nino matsuri. Thanks a lot, Rion! Posted your translation already. Thanks again! :D


aaww thanks, had not read this before! interesting our Nino :)

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