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bwahahahahh! xD That's why we  love Sho-kun!! Thanks for sharing this, Huxley!


Tihi!! Yosh yosh .. that's our Sho-kun!! That's why we love him! *tihi*



Is that the most gossip-worthy thing they could get from Sho? LOL.


LOL seems like sho's only bad press available right now is reading 'too' much newspapers. XD or maybe looking less hot than his friends. o.O



The first 2 gossips have set our adrenalines pumping!
*Gasps Gasps*

But when it comes to Sho's turn,
"............... Eh???"

LOL. Thanks for sharing these gossips.

And I can't believe how they even report on his friend looking much cooler than him!
That's such a random detail!


LOL! I could only think of ONE friend of Sho's friend who is a salaryman and is cool. Somehow if it's really that friend, I won't be surprised at why can he be cooler than our Sho.


wow, you've got the latest gossips! lol
Oh-chan also says Sho-chan is ALWAYS reading the newspaper these days ^_^

thanks for sharing!


an idol,a keio boy and a news anchor...who would be more cooler than SHO!!!!the reporter has nothing to write..hahaha!


yey you got them in your banner now! nice layout!


bwahaha! that's the most insane rumour(?) I've ever heard...I never thought reading too much newspaper is bad... but yes, hopefully, Sho's friend is much hotter than him- or the guy he'll be co-starring this summer... ^_^;


Hahah, poor Sho. His secret rendezvous partner in the cafe turns out to be... the newspaper!  

Zai' Dayz

sho is sure a boring guy...they can only come up with that?

i really like reading ur posts. Hope u don't mind me adding u ^^


mwahahaha... thanx for putting this, i like reading arashi-related trans!!! and i added u ...  v.v


Yeah guys that was the most gossip-worthy thing they had on Sho-kun. They say that there are Sho-kun sightings everywhere, but he's such an elite, he's never caught doing anything juicy. And that all the friends seen with him are very "high-level". Sasuga Keio boy lol

Now that you mention it, dunadan, the salaryman-looking guy could be Kohara Yuki...but I still think Sho-kun is cooler. :D

Thanks, Rion! Took me a while to find the right pic for the banner.

Hi Zai'Dayz, あっちゃん! Thanks for adding me; added you back. Yoroshiku ne. :D


that was funny indeed, thanks! :D

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