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wow! I love this interview. And my heart is bursting with pride with this line:

"...a group which boasts a member who starred in an Academy Award-nominated film is not something you can easily create."

That's Arashi, talented group of 5 boys (err..men, sometimes) :) 



haha thanks for this! Now we KNOW that Johnny isn't that evil lalalalalala..just a bit, maybe.


Thanks for this translation Huxley. It's really interesting reading interviews or stuff about people closely associated with the boys, cos it gives a bit of context of the kind of industry they exist in. It's can be pretty easy to forget that they're surrounded by a huge support staff (and have to report to many bosses).

(Though I have to admit that I'm also very curious about the Kitagawas. They've managed to remain pretty mysterious so far, esp Johnny himself)


Thanks for reading guys. I like reading about other people talking about Arashi too. You get to view them from a different perspective. Plus everyone always has great things to say about them. :D


ah...thanks for this article...as to whether there is evil or not...it is pretty hard to say...this is a money making business...so, any of those type of businesses usually have their bad points and good points...and about the tabloid making up a story that JE would not let Nino go to the Oscars had he been nominated does not make sense...imagine how much publicity would he have gotten had it been that way?  so, if it is such good publicity, am sure that they would have let him go...wooopsss...that was just my opinion :)

thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well, basically i dont know what's the rumor had said since i dont really know the truth so i dont really believe it much...our boys still in their company after all so i dont think JE = bad...i mean, he's good and he knows very well what's he's doing and what not....and i kinda like his idea and kinda understand his rule for the JE tho :)...anyway Arashi gonna get bigger and bigger ne...hope they still live as Arashi until the end hehe.. (which i think they will, even with marriage, i dont mind hehe...i actually want to see their kids tho lol)


Hi Asou, NinoLand translated the tabloid article here. Nice to meet you, added you back :D


hm... i know this is from a long time ago, but thank you for translating!  i recently discovered the name of this mysteries Julie K. Fujishima and was curious to find out more... seems like she's not so bad, at least. :)

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